Washer Repair Service

When your washer or dryer stops working, we realize it’s important to get it fixed right away and fix it right the first time! We provide washer repair, dryer repair, and all appliance repairs in Houston and the surrounding areas.

It is our goal to get your washer or dryer repaired and in good working order, the same day in most cases. In addition, we back our workout with a 1 year warranty! Some common issues you may experience with your washing machine could include the following;
Clothes are overly wet and the end of the cycle The water is not fully draining The washing machine is leaking Your clothes seem to have a musty odor The dials or digital controllers are malfunctioning Looking For A Washer Repair Expert? The washer is among the most used home appliances. But, most homeowners do not recognize the importance of this appliance until it malfunctions. If you are in Texas and you need washer repair, call us to book an appointment. We fix old and new washers whenever they malfunction. Our technicians will respond swiftly to ensure that you get back to doing your laundry as fast as possible.

We Fix All Washing Machine Problems You are likely to encounter many issues with your washer. However, there are common problems that appliance owners call us to repair. These include:
Motors that do not stop running. Motors not spinning or agitating Water not draining out or flowing into the washer Washer vibrating excessively when running Washer spinning slowly or not spinning at all Water leaking or overflowing from the washer While some washer issues are easy to address, others are related to improper use. Our skilled technicians will identify and explain the washer problem to you once you hire us. They will also tell you the best way to use your machine so that it does not develop the same problem again.

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